Huwebes, Enero 22, 2015

Cannabis Affiliate Program: Herbal Bud

Started out its company in 1999, Herbal Bud has been offering herbs, buds and oil for over a long time now. If you want to generate income thru affiliate program, Herbal Bud is the one to suit your needs. It offers affiliate marketers 40-50% profits and its cookies lasts for 10 years. Furthermore, they ship around the globe and enable the affiliates cash out very easily... find out this info here

Huwebes, Enero 1, 2015

Strange Facts About Marijuana

What do a wildly-growing herb, a feminine name and a fiber have in common? Let us hear it - it’s Marijuana! Marijuana (cannabis sativa) had many aliases which it is no wonder it entails this group of estranged words like Mary Jane, hemp and weed.

What's marijuana? What is the tale behind how and why it grew to become referred to as a drug that people are very easily hooked on and, therefore, eventually abuse?.. read this here